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 Makusho Obscuro

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PostSubject: Makusho Obscuro   Makusho Obscuro EmptySun Jun 05, 2011 9:46 pm

Name: Makusho Obscuro
Gender: Male
Age: 13


Appearance: Makusho Obscuro Man

Personality: Makusho is pretty much your all around guy, he only does stuff that benefits him in return, such as doing stuff for money, new clothes, or even bragging rights. Makusho can be portrayed as a Stratagist in battle, always observing the way his opponent act. He has a fear of ugly creatures.

History: Makusho was born in Japan in 1998, making his 13 this very year. His Mother was a stay at home mom, and his Father was deceased. Ever since the age of 4, he was very interested in Video Games and Computer Programing because of his first gaming system his Mother bought for him for his Birthday. It was nearly impossible to not catch him playing his Games during his spare time. During his 13th birthday, weird things began to happen when he came home after buying the most recent Video Game, his mom went off to a Bakery to buy Birthday Cake, so while waiting for his mom, Makusho popped in the gaming disk, and turned on his Video game system.

The TV screen was making a weird static noise and a Blu-ish creature was on the screen, staring at him, next thing Makusho knew he fainted. When he woke up, Makusho was in the Digital World, and was very curious of what was happening around him, until he turned around a saw a small, but cute DemiVeemon looking at him. Makusho glanced at it, staring at awe. " Who are you..? And where am I? " DemiVeemon at that point, was extremely shocked at seeing the kid alive after falling from the sky. " Im Demiveemon... I was on my way traveling until I met you... " The two began to walk around exchanging words and having a good time, And thus, a new friendship started.

Digimon: DemiVeemon
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Moves: Pop Attack
Personality: Similar to Makusho's, Only DemiVeemon is more caring.
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Makusho Obscuro
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