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 Kenji Hatake

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PostSubject: Kenji Hatake   Kenji Hatake EmptyMon Jun 06, 2011 2:20 pm

Kenji Hatake
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Kenji Hatake Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRDrxnVBouWwx5AvG6SqMeLISKqfFXCOziDbfmfqwuXm5l9LoDQfQ&t=1

Personality: Kenji only really looks out for himself and his digimon. He doesn't believe in good or evil just survival of the fittest and will take down anyone or anything that gets in his way or tries to harm him or DemiMeramon. He's generally pretty cold and rough towards everyone other than DemiMeramon who he has a sweet spot for. Kenji loves his digimon partner and would do anything to protect him. Kenji knows the difference between right and wrong but he also knows sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to survive. He is in an alliance to himself and himself alone, with no care for anyone else or their beliefs.

History: Kenji was in the library late one night, studying for a major exam. The librarian came around telling the few people scattered about that the library was closing in five minutes. Realizing it was time to go, Kenji collected his things and began to walk towards the exit when he noticed a line of computers. There was one still on. He checked the hall to make sure no one was using it and decided to do a good thing and help out the nice old librarian. Walking over, Kenji was about to hit the off button when something caught his eye. The screen had small creatures made of computer pixels running about in a forest like area. Kenji was perplexed, he wasn't much of a video game nerd but surely he would have heard of something this advanced. He leaned in closer for a better view and lost his balance. As he fell, he seemed to pass right through the computer screen and was swallowed up into the computer.

Kenji awoke in a patch of tall grass and looked around, not believing his eyes he blinked several times before standing and looking around. Suddenly something crashed into his chest and knocked him to the ground. The thing that hit him was a small fireball, with a face! Kenji, naturally, flipped out and threw the odd thing at a nearby tree. He then realized that whatever it was hadn't burned him so either it wasn't there to hurt him or it wasn't actually fire. Kenji picked up a stick and walked over to the fireball, poking it. The stick singed and burned at the tip and Kenji threw it aside in surprise. The creature popped up and smiled, it told Kenji who he was and said they were destined to be partners and friends because the creatures flames didn't burn Kenji. Kenji just stared at the small monster for several minutes before turning around and running like hell, surely this wasn't happening.

As Kenji ran he heard the sound of a buzzing, but it grew louder and louder like some massive bug was chasing him. Unfortunately for Kenji, that's exactly what was happening. A large Kabuteriermon had spotted the new human and decided it was hungry. As the massive blue bug lunged forward to bite Kenji in half, the small fireball came out of nowhere and knocked Kenji out of the way. The fireball, who had called himself DemiMeramon, then began firing smaller fireballs at the bug creature, trying to scare it off or kill it. It was ineffective and realizing this, Kenji grabbed the small creature and ran even faster. Apparently they lost it in the trees because the Kabuteriermon stopped pursuing. From that day forth Kenji has lived in the digital world and fought along side DemiMeramon for his life.


Kenji Hatake Candlemon_b

Gender: Male
Level: 12
Flame Bomber/Lava Loogie (Bonfire): Fires a small flame from his DigiCore fire energy that explode if hits.

Melted Wax (Melt Wax): Fires a bunch of wax sticks at the opponent.

Paraffin Paralyzer (Karma Flamer): Fires multiple globs of hot wax to paralyze opponent.

Personality: DemiMeramon is very playful and somewhat childish but also very defensive and protective of Kenji. The two are like brothers and fight together to protect one another.

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PostSubject: Re: Kenji Hatake   Kenji Hatake EmptyMon Jun 06, 2011 2:23 pm

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Kenji Hatake
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