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 Makusho's Training

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PostSubject: Makusho's Training   Makusho's Training EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 12:40 am

Makusho stopped traveling with his group for a moment and look towards Vee and Vee looked back. " Hey.... Maku... About what that kid said about some Digimon stalking us and eating us... If we're ever in that situation... I want to defend you. " Vee then made a concerned face. " And? Your extremely weak. How can you defend me at the state you are in? " Maku sighed. " I was getting to that, I was thinking about you training me. Maybe a quick little training session. Infact, I know the perfect place! " Vee grabbed Maku's hand and rushed off into a nearby training area. " .... Fine I'll train you, but the training will not be easy. You know this, right? " Vee nodded. " Good, show me what you know so far. " Veemon extended his arms and legs out and 'bodyslammed' a training dummy and dented it, he could've done better, but impressive for an In-training Digimon. " That's all? " Vee nodded furiously.
" Looks like we have alot of training to do, my dad used to be a bodybuilder, so you'll be strong in no time! " Vee gulped.

Makusho setted up a Punching bag for Vee and pointed to it. While shielding his face with his other hand from the hot sun. " Attack it until I say stop. " Vee attacked it almost instantly after he finished his sentence and attacked it until he ran out of breath. " Come on.. Vee, tired already? " Vee nodded. " Fine, you can rest for fifteen minutes, I'll set this timer, When it goes off I want you to do some pushups, and when your done with those, I want you to try out that attack again. What was it called anyway? " " Pop attack. " Makusho then set his timer and looked around for suspicous Digimon only to find nothing but the light green leaves being pushed by the winds. The timer went off and immdiately, the poor Digimon got up, moved his tiny legs together, placed his hands onto the ground and performed 10 Push-ups before falling down, exausted. " Only 10..? Gah... Oh well, try that move again. " The little Digimon once again bodyslammed the Wooden Dummy, denting it even more. " Perfect! " Vee and Maku exclaimed. " Now that training is over... What are we gonna have for dinner...? " Maku shrugged. " Im sure our group has something for us to eat, and it's almost night, so we need to catch up with them! " he would then pick up Vee and ran off to catch up with his group.

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PostSubject: Re: Makusho's Training   Makusho's Training EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 1:55 pm

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Makusho's Training
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