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 Hikuro Yagami

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Hikuro Yagami
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Allignment: Evil

Appearance:Hikuro Yagami  365c41262f339c0dca6e7994aec224111253718843_full

Personality: He like to talk a lot, even if nobody listen to him. He don't really like to give orders, he better follow the order of someone else even if sometimes bother him. He really enjoy to be or even look to an epic fight. He like to joke a lot but he can be extremely serious anytime. He really when someone call him a failure.

History: The last think that Hikuro was in the real world was when his mother and father were fighting. He was eating dinner in that moment, he was enjoying his meal. Suddenly his father start to talk about Hikuro's life at school that he didn't like it. Hikuro was always getting bad grade, got in a lot of fight and he even punch a teacher. His Father was a famous cop and said to Hikuro that it was a mistake given birth to him. His father get up from is chair and suddenly yelled at Hikuro about his life. Hikuro face become so sad that Hikuro's mom try to calm his father, but he got slapped by Hikuro's father. His mother was laying in the ground, she get up and yelled at Hikuro's father. Hikuro can't take that, so he decide to run to his bedroom and lock the door. He start to cry but suddenly is computer turn on and a weird sound came from it "Join me". At first Hikuro got scared but slowly he got in front of his computer. He put his arm to his monitor and suddenly he got suck in. After he wake up he heard a voice "Wake up you fool!!". Hikuro open his eyes and saw a Pinamon, at first he got scared but slowly he become friends with Pinamon.


Hikuro Yagami  Pinamon_b
Level: 1
Moves: Piripiri Spark: Emits a small electric charge from its tail
Personality: He a silent one, he like to take orders from Hikuro

Hikuro Yagami  Falcomon_(2006_anime)_t
Moves:Ninja Blade (手裏裏剣 Shuririnken?)[3]: Releases multiple shuriken at his opponents.
Firecracker Smokescreen (打竹落し Uchitake Otoshi?, lit. "Uchitake Drop")[4]: Drops exploding bamboo cylinders on his enemies.
Personality: His more silent and more royal to Hikuro

Hikuro Yagami  Peckmon
Moves:Spiral Claw: Spins around and drives one of his feet into the adversary.
Thousand Beak: Creates shadow clones to rapidly peck his enemies.
Kunai Wing (苦無羽 Kunai Bane?, lit. "Kunai Feathers"): Throws kunai-like sharp, bladed feathers that explode.
Personality: Same as Falcomon

Hikuro Yagami  Crowmon_b
Moves: Savage Emperor (甕布都神 Mikafutsu-no-kami?, lit. "God of the Jug and Cloth Capital")[1]: Concentrates the energry produced from the Dokkosho on both of its wings in its foreleg, then fires it, causing its opponent to have its digital cells disassembled to a state of "0"s and "1"s.
Black Feather (羽黒 Haguro?, lit. "Feather-black"): Transforms the surrounding 3 km into a dark night by means of the black light emitted by its jet-black feathers.
Personality: Same as Falcomon

Hikuro Yagami  Ravemon_b
Moves: Spiral Raven Claw: Raises the sharp nails on its left arm and then performs a rotating charge at the opponent.
Blast Wing: Cuts apart the opponent with its left wing.
Celestial Blade (天之尾羽張 Ame-no-Ohabari?, lit. "Tail-feathers of Heaven")[4]: Strikes the opponent with the Chouou-maru, which releases a blade of dark lightning of tremendous destructive power.
Personality: Same as Falcomon
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Hikuro Yagami
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