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 Hikuro's Training

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PostSubject: Hikuro's Training    Hikuro's Training  EmptyWed Jun 08, 2011 11:49 am

"Damn this place is biiiiiiiiiiiiig" Hikuro was looking the big land that he didn't know. "So what you call this place again?" Hikuro was still looking for something while asking his digimon, Pinamon. "Is called Digital World, you fool" Pinamon respond while he was flying near Hikuro. "Can you stop call me fool? is getting on my nerves..." Hikuro made a serious face, he don't really like to call a fool especially from a little digimon like him. Hikuro decide to go down from the tree and decide to walk randomly. "So were are we going, Master?" Pinamon asked while flying around Hikuro. "First you call me a fool, and now Master? What a strange little one" Hikuro was still walking. "I don't know... do you think in this device have a kind of map?" Hikuro took out his dark purple Digivice and start to touch hit randomly, but nothing came out. "I don't know, Master" Pinamon simply respond while he was still flying around his master. "Hmmm... whats that?" Hikuro stop for a moment and saw another white looking digimon that was eating something. Hikuro decide to go near him. But suddenly the white digimon turn around, the purple digivice that hikuro was holding emits a light and a picture came out that resemble the whithe digimon, it was a Tokomon. "What a cute face you have..." Hikuro made a evil smile, but suddenly the Tokomon got angry and show his sharp teeth. "GO AWAY FROM MY FOOD!!!" the Tokomon yelled to both Hikuro and Pinamon. "Whats wrong with you fool? my master don't want your stupid food!" Pinamon got angry because of that. "GO AWAY" suddenly Tokomon fire some bubble from his mouth that hit Pinamon. "Pinamon, i hope you don't lose.... right" Hikuro just look at both of them with a evil smile. "HELL NO!!!" from Pinamon comes out a little electric charge that hit the Tokomon. Tokomon scream in pain, but he was still ready to fight. The Tokomon charge at Pinamon while fire more bubble from his mouth. Pinamon easily evade the attack by flying over Tokomon. "The same tactic can't work twice" Hikuro said while try to sit down under a tree to get no burn. Pinamon decide to use is electric attack again to the Tokomon, but even the Tokomon evade that attack easily. "Pinaaaaaamon, do something more interesting.... Don't let me down" Hikuro easily said while he was sitting down under a tree. Since Pinamon was flying it was a little hard for Tokomon to hit him with his bubbles. Pinamon decide to flying down and hit Tokomon with his electric charge. Tokomon once again scream in pain. "Thats is some music to my hears" Hikuro was happy to saw Tokomon screaming in pain. But the Tokomon was still not down and fires another bubbles to Pinamon that hit him. Pinamon don't want to disappoint his master so he get up quickly. Pinamon face become serious he was ready to end this by defeating the white looking digimon, Tokomon. He decide to fly really quick and strike him with another of his electric charge. Tokomon make another scream before laying in the ground, beaten. "Master!Master! did you saw that?" Pinamon was happy but when he turn his head to look at his master, Hikuro was sleeping like a log. "Huh? you finally beat him?.... Good work..." Hikuro slowly wake up and thumbs up Pinamon. "What about eat some of that food of the Tokomon? you deserve it" Hikuro point to the food that was eaten by Tokomon. Pinamon decide to ate it to cover some of his used strength.

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PostSubject: Re: Hikuro's Training    Hikuro's Training  EmptyWed Jun 08, 2011 1:02 pm

(5 levels a day, you can have the extra level carry over to tommorow so you don't have to write as much though.)
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Hikuro's Training
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