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 Aiden Yarthkin

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Aiden Yarthkin
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Allignment: Evil

Appearance: Aiden Yarthkin Anime-guy-blood-stained-31000
Exactly as how the picture dictates, except for the bloody claws of course.

Personality: Ruthless and calculating.

History: Aiden was simply strolling home after classes. A normal, boring, average school day with nothing out of the ordinary. As he passed by an alley, something caught his eye. A twinkling object of sorts. Turning down the alleyway, Aiden started walking toward the object, not getting any closer and the alley getting darker. Turning around, Aiden attempted to head out, but to no avail, the darkness had encroached in on that side also. Frowning, the young-adult turned back and started heading back toward the object, though, when he turned around the object was gone, and in its place was a massive figure.
"Boy!" the figure boomed, "I have come before you to use you, make you my own warrior!" it roared outward toward Aiden.
"Ummm... What?" Aiden simply asked, completely bewildered. Suddenly noticing a small figure pushed forth.
"This is your partner, use him in the fight against our enemies! Do not fail me!" the figure roared once again before disappearing, leaving only Aiden and the small lump of fur together in the, now, Digital World.
"What?" Aiden mumbled looking toward the small ball of fur, "Welp, time to have some fun." he chuckled, a sneer spreading across his face.
Walking over to the round ball of fur, Aiden lifted it up, and looked into its eyes, seeing nothing but a new toy to play with, "You're mine now apparently, and thus, you'll do as I say. Basically, you're my bitch." he sneered, at the little furball, "Now, what's your name?" he asked
"Kuparimon...." the digimon squeaked.
"Well Kuparimon, let's go then." the boy said, dropping the creature roughly and walking off. His journey now started in the Digital world.

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Aiden Yarthkin
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