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Ten powerful digimon have rose after being in a deep slumber for many years. Now, they awaken again and its up to the new generation of Digimon Tamers to defeat them. It wont be easy but in the end, it will be worth it. There are evil tamers that will go against the good tamers with the intention to kill their digimon to make sure the ten lords succeed. Below is the list of the ten digimon lords and their description and attacks. Mods and/or admins are to rp as these when players are about to meet any of these lords together as soon as possible. If there is only one admin or mod, then have some patience and they will eventually get to you. DONT RUSH THEM! THEY ARE DOING THE BEST THEY CAN! Each of these will have an arc of their own. All these also require five or more good tamer to defeat them.

1 - Devimon, also known as "Darkmon", is a Fallen Angel Digimon whose name is derived from the Devil. It was once an Angemon, but it was corrupted when the Digital World became distorted and it fell into the Dark Area. The symbol on its chest is a mark of evil that symbolizes his wickedness. It is a cunning Digimon who does not take risks, and refuses to join in mindless fighting with opponents as powerful as itself. It is also wicked and ferocious, but loyal to the master with whom it has made a pact or more evil than itself. It is said that staring into its crimson-evil eyes will grant it control over your mind. Devimon is also known as the "Dark Messenger". It is one of the few villains to have its own image song. It is entitled "Dark Wing" and ends in a villainous laugh.

The Touch of Evil (Death Claw): Stabs claws into targets and infuses them with dark energy to put them under thrall.
Evil Wing (Razor Wing): His dark wings absorb the countless digital data in his area to release a dark energy that will revert digimon to their in-training stages.
Hands of Doom: He shoots out a giant pulse of pure dark energy from his hands.
Death Hand: Unleashes a blast of unholy energy from hands.

2 - Megidramon is an Evil Dragon Digimon, and one of the "Four Great Dragons". His name comes from the word "Megiddo", the place where Christians believe the final battle between good and evil will take place. His body is wrapped in armor made of Chrome Digizoid. He is a rare (in fact, unique in every game) species whose reason for existing is unknown, but is said to be one of the very incarnations of the Digital Hazard, a power of malice that is sealed away by an unknown "force". However, when that power is awakened, he creates a system meltdown which could destroy the Digital World.

Megiddo Flame: Exhales a vicious maelstrom of purgatorial flames which can meltdown digital world system.
Dragon Howling (Hell Howling): He roars while facing the enemy, releases the shockwave of the sound itself is critical to most weaker Digimon.
Acidic Sailiva: When he has his opponents within his grasp, he spits out pure acid that can dissolve through nearly anything.

3 - MaloMyotismon is a Demon Lord Digimon whose Japanese name and design are derived from the mythological Belial and "Vamdemon", and whose English name is derived from "Malo (Esp: "Evil") Myotismon". It is said to be Myotismon's final form, and by harmonizing its intelligence alongside all of its other aspects, it succeeded in surpassing VenomMyotismon, which lost its intelligence by seeking too much power, and was like a beast. It possesses an inhumanly cruel personality, and is willing to do anything to achieve its own desires. The living artillery on both its left and right shoulders, "Sodom" and "Gomorrah" respectively, leech off of it.

Screaming Darkness (Pandæmonium Flame): Fires an extremely high-temperature beam from Sodom and Gomorrah.
Crimson Mist (Melting Blood): Opens up the jaw-like cannons on his shoulders and spews out a thick red, acidic mist.
Mental Illusion (Mind Illusion): Gives off a light ray from both eyes that maddens the opponents mind, making them completely lose control of their desires. MaloMyotismon used this attack to trap the Digidestined in a world of their desires.
Pandæmonium: Emits a thick fog of gas in the environment which confuses the opponent.

4 - Argomon (Ultimate) is a Mutant Digimon whose name is derived from "Algorithm", and whose design is derived from the mythological Argus Panoptes. Rhythm's name is also derived from "Algorithm". It is a powerful dark Digimon which developed from a bug in an algorithm. Due to that ability for high speed processing, it uses its countless ivy tendrils as tentacles, taking complete control of a vast field.[3] The eyes on its head are always closed, and its arms can be transformed to become wings and tentacles for close combat.

Elimination Line: Fires an erasing beam from the eyes on its limbs
Imprisonment: Uses its tentacles to restrict the opponent's powers and completely prevent their movement.
Worm Phase: Transforms into a parasite after taking control of a vast field.

5 - Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Black) is the virus counterpart of Imperialdramon Fighter Mode.

Giga Death: Transforms the cannon on its arm into a bigger canon held by both arms which fires a powerful purple blast on its enemy. Alternately it can fire the same attack when the dragon mouth on its chest opens up to fire a white spherical attack.
Positron Laser: Fire's a huge purple laser from the cannon on its arm.

6 - Chronomon Destroyer Mode is a Super Ultimate Level Digimon. He converts into Chronomon Holy Mode after he is defeated, being an ally to the Good Digimon Tamers.

Sycro Blast: A powerful area attack that gets rid of all defensive abilities that are in use in the area aswell as does serious damage.
Atomic Ray: A powerful beam shot from the two cannons on his shoulders. It does serious damage and can kill the enemy quickly if you don't watch what your doing.

7 - Daemon (Super Ultimate) is a Demon Lord Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Cacodaemon. Having the "Dark Virus", it can freely control the emotion of the living as it has power over the data composition of Digimon, i.e. 0 and 1.

Algol's Flame: Spews a gigantic orb of flame from its mouth.
Dark Spreader: Uses the "Dark Virus" to damage the enemy.

8 - Lucemon Shadowlord Mode is a Demon God Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Lucifer, the angelic name of Satan, with "Luce" (Ita: "Light"), "Shadowlord", and "Satan" as a reference to that name. Having the appearance of the dragon of Revelation, it is Lucemon's final form. As was told in the Revelation, it carries the Crowns of the Seven Deadly Sins upon its head, and it holds the globe of darkness, "Gehenna", which absorbs all attacks. Before the Gehenna all attacks are nullified, and it is said that the world will perish when Lucemon takes this form. However, Lucemon's true form (Lucemon Larva) exists within the Gehenna, and Shadowlord Mode is no more than Lucemon's reflection. Therefore, no matter how many times Shadowlord Mode is attacked, those attacks will not reach the true form, Lucemon Larva.

Tide of Despair[8] (Purgatorial Flame): Exhales flames of destruction which purify everything.
Annihilation Maelstrom (Divine Atonement): Fires a light of annihilation from the seven Crowns.

9 - Arkadimon (Super Ultimate) is one of the few confirmed Super Ultimate level Digimon. In this form, he was able to destroy large areas of land and kill entire armies with single attacks.

God Matrix: A beam of energy which causes area-damage is fired from his eyes. Everything hit by this attack will be reduced to nothing but 0's and 1's of primitive data.
Dystopia Lances: The huge number of tentacles growing as its limbs all charge to pierce its target.

10 - ZeedMilenniummon is an Evil God Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Arrogant (כתר "Z'd"?) Millenniummon". It flies freely between space and time, and is an evil king that is still trying to destroy all eras and worlds. Although a Digimon will become a Digi-Egg if defeated in battle, there are very rare occasions when it has instead been reborn from within the corpse of its data. According to one theory, when Millenniummon died in a furious battle, the dark soul it possessed was reborn as ZeedMillenniumon. Also, as for the bands which wrap around ZeedMillenniumon, it is said that they are like chains which suppress its abilities, but it is unknown who could cast such a spell on ZeedMillenniumon. However, it is foretold that if it is released from this spell, it will rain unfathomable destruction upon the Digital World.

Time Destroyer: Consigns hostile opponents to the gulf beyond space and time. So far, no one who has been brushed off by this technique has returned from between space and time.
Chrono Paradox: Fires two atomic rays out of his mouths that destroy everything in their way and can destroy a whole universe in a single shot.
The last lord requires ALL good digimon tamers to be online to defeat. Even though this will be difficult to pull off, after a certain amount of time, if every good tamer isnt online to beat him, there will be a set number of good digimon tamers to fight and defeat it.
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