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 Digivolution Levels

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PostSubject: Digivolution Levels   Digivolution Levels EmptySat Feb 26, 2011 10:13 pm

To digivolve into Champion, Ultimate or Mega, you need to have an admin online.

Level 1 - In Training

Level 10 - Rookie

Level 25 - Champion [Used for Lords 1 to 3]

Level 50 - Ultimate [Available only after the first three lords are defeated. Used for Lords 4 to 7]

Level 75 - Mega [available after lord 7 is defeated. Used for lords 7 and up. Final digivolution unless you are deemed worthy to have the next]

Level 100 - Super Ultimate [Staff Controlled. Strictly under Staff control. Only Mordecai or I can grant this.]
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Digivolution Levels
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