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 Devimon and File Island (Must Read)

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Devimon and File Island (Must Read) Empty
PostSubject: Devimon and File Island (Must Read)   Devimon and File Island (Must Read) EmptySun Feb 27, 2011 5:58 pm

Devimon has complete control over File Island and it's inhabitants using his strength to employ fear into the resident's hearts. The humans that have been summoned here are given two choices, join Devimon or die. Those who refuse to work for the Digimon Lord are taken to his prison in the sky and those who do his bidding are forced to do what he says, whether it be capturing other 'digi-destined', or killing in his name, it really doesn't matter. If you work for Devimon you are his slave.

As for the 'good' digi-destined it is up to you to stop Devimon's reign of terror and free the digimon in this region of the Digital World.
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Devimon and File Island (Must Read)
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