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 Leveling Up and Training

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Leveling Up and Training Empty
PostSubject: Leveling Up and Training   Leveling Up and Training EmptySun Jun 05, 2011 3:39 pm

So far there are two ways to level up, one of which is by making training roleplays. Try to keep all of your training roleplays in one topic. After you finish the RP notify a mod and they will go and disapprove/approve. The higher your level the stronger your digimon is. After you unlock a new digivolution the required words for a training roleplay is increased. See below.

Required Words
In-Training (100 Words)
Rookie (200 Words)
Champion (400 Words)
Ultimate (800 Words)
Mega (1600 Words)
Super Ultimate (3200 Words)
The other is by fighting with other Digimon in roleplays that are either modded or with another person. It does not matter who wins, after the fight is over they both gain level/s depending on the amount of words used.
Maximum of Five Levels a Day
This does not include IC Fights
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Leveling Up and Training
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