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 Mordecai Hiashi

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Mordecai Hiashi
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Allignment: Good

Appearance:Mordecai Hiashi Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRromUpKf8J7hRGynzyBN4vUNawG1q_Gb0riThy0jMufGwTt3DSFA

Personality: He is very care-free, he doesn't seem to take anything seriously when in reality he is probably the most serious person there is. He knows the consequences of his actions and will do anything to save himself and his friend's from harm.

History: Mordecai was seven years old when it happened. When his life would be changed forever. He woke up in his bed and in front of him was a large egg. He raised his eyebrows, "What the...?" He whispered, reaching out to grab ahold of it. It was smooth with red dots scattered all over the egg. He rubbed his eyes before starting to shake the egg. He sighed as nothing happened, he just sat there and stared at it for a couple of minutes. "Eh... What the heck...?" He asked himself. He was only seven, he didn't really care where it came from. He put it on the floor and laid back down. He then closed his eyes and went to sleep.

When he woke up the egg was not there, instead there were pieces of the egg scattered all over the ground, "What the?!" He roared as he got out of bed. He looked around, before swallowing. He spun back around and looked at his bed. Sitting on his pillow was a small red/orange digimon that had a flame escaping from its head. "Woah?!"

Mordecai reached out to the Digimon, it let out a cry of affection and flew forward, tackling Mordecai's face with its small body. He fell to the ground, reaching up with his hands to grab ahold of the strange Digimon. "W-What are you...?" He asked. The Digimon jumped up and down on his chest, letting out a squeal of delight.

Mordecai swallowed as he examined the pokemon, "You... Your kind of cute." The Digimon let out another squeal, "Sunmon!" Mordecai gasped, "You can talk?!"

The Digimon made a facial expression that said something along the lines of, "Duh." Mordecai stood up, "Can you say... Mordecai?" He asked.

Sunmon opened it's mouth, "Mord! Mord!" Mordecai smirked, "Your kind of awesome!" His exclaimed. This was how Mordecai met his Digimon, little did he know... Things were going to get real bad, real fast.

After a couple of days Sunmon seemed as if he was getting sick. He wasn't eating, he was barely even moving. This was strange, Sunmon was usually an active little guy. Mordecai tried to figure out what was wrong but he couldn't. He went to sleep only to be wakened up in the middle of the night. "S-Sunmon?" It was dark in his room, the moon was shining bright outside of his window. He spotted an orange object in the corner of his room. Flames were erupting from the top of it's head and its... Tail? He stood up, "Sunmon?" He asked. The digimon turned around, "My name is Coronamon now..." Mordecai smirked, "Cool! You got bigger! Lets pla-" Coronamon shook his head, "Not right now... Bad things are about to happen. Come on."

Mordecai followed Coronamon, who was now a humanoid and looked somewhat like a baby lion that could stand up. They snuck past Mordecai's parents room and walked right outside. They started to head south, to the city. "Where are we goin-?" Coronamon sighed, "Shh..."

Suddenly a fireball shot down toward the two, landing right in front of Coronamon. Mordecai screamed, the digimon turned around and looked toward their attacker. It was an Agumon, around five feet tall. Mordecai turned around, gasping as he did so. "Another one?!" Coronamon dashed forward, leaping into the air as he did so. "Corona Flame!" The Digimon roared. The flame in the middle of his forehead began to glow brightly before a large red/orange fireball shot forward toward Agumon. The large digimon waved his hand, deflecting the attack away.

Coronamon growled, landing on the ground before beginning to circle around his opponent. The enemy digimon opened it's mouth, "Pepper Breath!" The Agumon roared. Suddenly a large flame shot out, engulfing Coronamon. The small orange digimon fell to the ground, he was no match for this digimon. Mordecai ran forward, "Coronamon!" He exclaimed. He fell to his knees, picking the small digimon up, apparently it had reverted back into its baby form. "Get up... You.. Have to win! You have to beat him! Don't die!" He roared, tears beginning to escape his eyes.

Sunmon let out a whine, "Run... Away..." He said. Mordecai shook his head, "You have to protect me!" Sumon opened his eyes and began to float, rising higher and higher into the sky. He then began to glow white before the light covered the entire area, blinding Mordecai. Sunmon was gone, in his place was a massive orange lion with wings escaping from it's back. Flames were escaping from many points in it's body. "Firamon!" It roared before flying higher into the sky. It was soon out of sight. The Agumon opened it's mouth, "Pep-" It was cut short by a louder, deeper voice, "Flame Dive!" Mordecai looked up, Firamon was coming down from the sky, his body covered in flames. In just a couple of seconds he collided with Agumon. A bright light covered the area once more.

Mordecai awoke in his bed, "What... Happened?" He whispered. He looked around, "Sunmon...? Firamon?" Mordecai would never see his friend again until one day that his destiny was decided.

Mordecai was 15 years old, he was at a public swimming pool with his little sister and his mother. He was checking out a couple of hot girls when his little sister dropped her toy in the deep end of the pool. "Mord?" His mother called out. Mordecai sighed before standing up, "I'll get it..." He said to his crying sister. He dived into the pool, beginning to swim to the very bottom. It was incredibly deep, it was only supposed to be eight feet but for some reason he kept swimming. He felt himself beginning to run out of air. He tried to turn around but he couldn't. After a couple of minutes he passed out. He woke back up in the digital world, and this is where his story takes place.





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Mordecai Hiashi
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